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Volunteer Requirements

All parents assisting in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, or engaging in any volunteer activities that require direct interaction with students must have the following current and on file in the office:

*Given to all families at the start of the school year, both of these forms must signed, dated and returned to the office.

  • Fingerprint Clearance - Fingerprint forms are available on the school web site – click on the Forms icon. Fingerprinting may be done through any authorized institution. Cost of the processing fee varies and is the responsibility of the parent. Fingerprinting must only be done once. If you have already been fingerprinted for the previous year, it is not necessary to have them redone. Fingerprint clearance by another school outside the Sacramento Diocese, another agency or employer cannot be accepted. Fingerprint clearance is reported to the Diocese and then forwarded to the school. This process can take up to 3 weeks. If you are unsure of your fingerprint status, please check with the office.


  • Certificate of Completion of the Safe Haven online training program


Volunteer Drivers must have all of the above in addition to the following:


  • Current copy of valid CA driver’s license

  • Current copy of valid personal auto insurance with limits of $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident. Please provide a copy of the declarations page with the correct limits, not just the insurance card.

Online training programs are through Catholic Mutual Group. Parents must be re-certified every 3 years. Notification will be sent when retraining is required.

Volunteer Requirements are stipulated by the Diocese. Parents without the above documentation on file, will not be allowed to engage in activities that directly interact with students. No exceptions.

Insurance Example
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Volunteer Opportunities

Hour Opportunities​

Hours are given for a variety of services/involvement throughout the school year. Hour opportunities and sign-ups for large fundraisers and events may be posted in the entryway lobby or online. Other needs throughout the school year are published through email blasts, on the school website or sent home by teachers. Some areas with opportunities include the following:

  • Parent Club Meetings

  • Parent Club Officers 

  • Athletics

  • Classrooms ** 

  • CSAC Members 

  • Decathlons 

  • Donations * 

  • Extension 

  • Extra Curricular Clubs 

  • Field Trips**

  • Fundraisers

  • Library/Book Fairs

  • Work Parties ***

* Donations

Donation Items/Baked Goods are requested throughout the year for various fundraisers and events. Donated items receive hours only if they are specifically requested. i.e. paper plates, paper cups etc.

A maximum amount of 3 hours is granted for purchased donations/auction donations per family, per event. Additional hours will not be granted for donations exceeding the requested amount or exceeding $60 in cost or value. Hours given are as follows:

  • Homemade Goods = 2 Hrs. Per 2 Doz., Main Dish or Dessert

  • Store Bought Food/Donation Items are figured in $20 increments: $20 = 1 Hr, $40 = 2 Hrs, $60 and up = 3 Hrs. maximum

** Classrooms & Field Trips

Throughout the school year, all classes need parents to chaperone and/or drive on field trips or assist in the classroom with various needs. Parents are asked to assist in these services as they approach. (Please see Requirements if direct interaction with students is required) 

*** Work Parties/Clean Up

All after fundraiser cleanup, building maintenance projects and work party events earn double hours. Work party dates are published in the monthly calendars and through email blasts.

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Reporting Hours

Family Participation Hours

Families are asked to perform 25 hours of service in support of the school and its activities. Families who complete their 25 Family Participation Hours of service by the last day of the applicable school year are eligible to receive a Registration Fee Discount when registering for the following school year. Hours are verified by the Administration.

Online Hours Reporting

Families are responsible for reporting their service hours. Hours are reported to coincide with the actual school year. Summer service hours are applied toward the upcoming school year. To report your hours, log into your FACTS account and go to your family portal. Click on service hours and add hours using the + sign at the top. Please fill out all of the required details. 

Hours Reporting Deadline

All hours must be reported by the last day of the applicable school year.

Trunk or Treat
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