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St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School

2500 K Street

Sacramento, CA 95816

Tel: (916) 442-5494   Fax: (916) 442-1390

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St. Francis of Assisi Parish

1066 26th Street

Sacramento, CA 95816

Tel: (916) 443-8084    Fax: (916) 443-7356

Staff are listed in the gallery as admin, teaching staff in order of grade, specialized teaching staff, extension staff and extra-curricular staff. Click on the images to email each staff member directly.

Our Staff Community

Ivan Hrga, Principal

Michael McCrimons,

Associate Principal

Bonnie Villalva, Director of Finance

Abby Pereira Director of Advancement


Joanna Hook

Office Manager

Lynda Lammerding,

Assistant Director of Finance


Kate McCrimons,

TK Teacher

Student Council Moderator

Emily Hagerman,

Kinder Teacher 

Dance Club

Roni Crandall,

1st Grade Teacher

Vice Principal

Math Bowl

Marie Cherry,

2nd Grade Teacher

Isabel Herzberger,

3rd Grade Teacher

Student Council Moderator

PYP IB Coordinator

Dance Club

Audrey Witteborg, 4th Grade teacher

Ezekiel Valenga,

5th Grade Teacher

Religion Decathalon

Sharon Pressburg - Nevans

6th Grade Teacher

Drama Club

MYP IB Coordinator


Todd Piscopo-Williams

7th Grade Teacher

Dan Reynoso

8th Grade Teacher


Chiara Adamo

Physical Education

Athletic Director

Director of Achievement

Blair Pierroz

Math (Grades 6-8)

After School Study Hall & Computer Lab

Pam Church

Math Grades 7-8

Science Grade 8

Janet Stites

Performing Arts

Science Grd 5, 6, 7

Religion Coordinator

Choir Director

Kellie Paredes


Sheryl Cecchettini


Terrence Gladney

Technology Specialist

Jan Stefanki

Writing Coordinator,


Arlene Gonsalves


Patti Sanchez

Extension Director

Eric Church

Associate Director of Extension

Lunch Program

Directly above shot of trumpet against g

Dan Funner

Band Director