"The only thing ever achieved in life without effort is failure" St. Francis of Assisi

Athletics at St. Francis

Mission of SFE Sports

Through participation in sports at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School, students will grow physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. SFE sports provides the opportunity for the student-athlete to exhibit a progression of physical skills and knowledge of a sport in order to enable him/her to apply these skills and knowledge to new situations. 


Through participation in SFE sports, the student-athlete learns that God is active in all things and that love invites a personal response, beyond self-interest or self-centeredness, toward valuing others and the community of a team.

Athletics Teams

For questions about athletics at St. Francis, please contact our Athletic Director, Jon Rotz at or 916-442-5494.


We are parents of a 1st grader and started at St. Francis when she was in kindergarten.  Coming from a different preschool, joining a class that had already been together for a year, and starting in the middle of the pandemic, we were a bit apprehensive about our daughter meeting people and feeling welcomed by a new school community.  But the St. Francis community was amazing. From the first day, she was greeted by name at drop off by the principal, teachers, and staff.  She was included in activities, staff helped her meet people and make friends, and she was accepted as part of the group by her class.   The apprehension about starting at a new school turned into excitement about going to school each day, and our family could not be happier with our experience at St. Francis.

We really appreciate the emphasis on the Schoolwide Learning Expectations and the focus on educating the whole person.  The academics have been outstanding, and our daughter has been challenged to do her best academically each day.  But in addition to strong academics, we appreciate how St. Francis has built a community that allows students to be unique, ask questions, and acknowledge the diversity of the world around them.  Students are taught to think for themselves; not that there is one correct way to think.  Difficult conversations are had directly with students, not avoided. St. Francis emphasizes a curriculum of kindness, understanding, open-mindedness, and acceptance of all people, and there is a focus on how our differences make our community better and more interesting.  These are not empty words on the school’s website or mission statement; there is a top-down commitment, starting with the principal and staff, and reinforced with the students, to recognize and discuss the diversity and uniqueness of each person’s experience, background, and ideas.

We could not be happier at St. Francis, and are looking forward to many years ahead at the school, Mike & Flo, March 2022 (Parents of a 1st Grader).   

Fall Sports
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Winter Sports

Spring Sports


Sportsmanship at St. Francis is an integral part of the mission of the school. SFE is dedicated to fostering our Franciscan tradition by encouraging an inclusive, positive vision in our boys and girls through exercise, athletic competition, and fully recognizing the dignity of each student. With this in mind, the following goals of SFE Sportsmanship are:


a. To build a community which strives to model the charism of St. Francis;

b. To develop faithful spirit, school spirit, team spirit and personal acceptance;

c. To instill Christ-like sportsmanship in the life-styles of the participants;

d. To teach the participants the proper attitude towards winning, losing and competing with dignity;

e. To develop and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of others;

f. To train, instruct and follow athletic/sport rules;

g. To develop the students’ physical abilities and coordination;

h. To help form well-rounded students by fostering good health habits;

i. To provide a Franciscan, Catholic environment and outlet for youthful energy;

j. To teach the positive value of athletic participation

k. To show the necessity of practice, hard work and time management. These goals are founded upon the principle of the infinite worth of each person because he/she is created in the image and likeness of God.


St. Francis participates in the Parochial Athletic League (P.A.L). For more information regarding the P.A.L and the programs that they offer, please visit their websites:




All students participating in sports will need to complete the following registration packet.


The Gallery

Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls JV Volleyball
Girls JV Volleyball
Girls JV Volleyball
Girls JV Volleyball
Girls JV Volleyball
Boys Flag Football
Cross Country
Cross Country
Cross Country
Cross Country
Boys JV Basketball
Boys JV Basketball
Boys JV Basketball
Boys Varsity Volleyball
Girls Varsity Volleyball

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Latest News from the Wolves


March 12, 2022 - Our JV Boys Basketball team fought hard and finished second in the playoffs. Community spirit was out in force. 


September 25, 2021 - Our Girls Varsity Volleyball team fought hard in the PAL Tournament at St. Patrick's, taking 3rd Place. Go Wolves!