Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School Student is:


  • Understands Franciscan, Catholic faith

  • Demonstrates and reflects Gospel values

  • Shows a love of God, others and self

  • Actively leads and participates in prayer celebrations


  • Demonstrates, curiosity, inquiry, and respect for learning

  • Actively solves problems and thinks critically

  • Is knowledgeable and shares gifts and talents


  • Models the charism of St. Francis

  • Cares for God’s creation

  • Is open-minded and practices good citizenship

  • Appreciates diversity & uniqueness


  • Makes Christ-like decisions

  • Practices self-discipline

  • Owns his/her choices

  • Is honest and trustworthy


  • Balanced and recognizes self-worth 

  • Communicates, leads and cooperates

  • Embraces challenges

  • Takes risks and perseveres