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What is Family Participation?

Parents or guardians perform 25hrs of service per family each year. Participation is a condition of attendance in the school. See handbook for details.

Pancake Breakfast

What types of service may I perform?

  • You may participate in services that benefit the school, its students (for school-related activities), or are in support of an activity or event sponsored by one of the school auxiliary groups (Parents Club, Fundraising, etc.).

  • If you are uncertain about a particular service, verify with the Organizer of Special Events. 

  • You may provide supplies that benefit school events (bottled waters, desserts, etc.) that are specifically requested through the Parent Service Program. See handbook for details

  • Important to Note: The following donations do not earn service hours: 
    Donations of cash or items to the school or to school events that are not specifically requested through the Events do not earn service hours.

How do I find out about family participation opportunities?

Choose opportunities that fit into your schedule and your areas of expertise or interest.

  • View Volunteer Opportunities on the website

  • If you are counting on participating in an event, visit this Web site frequently and pay attention at the school's bulletin board at the building's main entrance!

  • Follow the hallway bulletin board for sign-ups.

  • According to diocesan regulations, only parents or guardians may serve the hours for your family.

3rd Grade Pond Field Trip

Who keeps track of service hours?

Families are responsible for recording their hours of service in FACTS. 
If you can't find answers from the above, email your question to

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