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Patti Sanchez, Director of Extension

Eric Church, Associate Director of Extension and Food Service Manager

(916) 443-0388 
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM School Days

The Extension Program serves families who desire a parochial school education with supplementary daycare in a Catholic Christian environment. It provides professional care, supervision, recreation and enrichment opportunities. 

Children grades TK through 8 experience a rich diversity of growth activities designed to complement the schools philosophy and mission. Arts and crafts projects, science experiments, free play, games and organized recreation are just a few of the enriching programs offered. Children also enjoy the integration of music and dance. Throughout the school year special activities are offered that center around monthly themes, as well as special events such as el Dia de Los Muertos celebration and the end of the year Water Fight. 


Time is allotted for supervised homework with resource materials available. All children are provided a snack. There is a designated nap time for Transitional Kinders.

The Extension Program is staffed by an experienced Director and dedicated Extension Aides devoted to providing attention, security, consistency, and fair treatment to all children. They maintain a supervised atmosphere where respect and understanding for others is acknowledged and ensured.

St. Francis Elementary Extension Program is solely funded by extension fees. It is not subsidized by the parish or covered by school financial assistance. To enroll in Extension after the start of the school year, contact the Finance Office. Late enrollment fees are pro-rated. Drop-in and hourly rate care are not available.


Extension Handbook


With the children's safety and well-being in mind, it is most important that the parent fill out an emergency card, and then adhere to the instructions given. Please keep your child's emergency card information current.

Some of the most important regulations concerns the child's leaving the premises of the Extension Program

  • Parents or guardians should not take children from the school yard or other areas without notifying the Extension Program staff and signing the child out.

  • Parent or guardians should not send persons who are not listed in FACTs as an Emergency pick up to ask for the release of children. For the child's safety, the release will not be granted. In special circumstances, a parent or guardian may arrange for such a pickup by sending written authorization to the Director. Anyone checking the child out must show a current picture ID, whether the person is listed in FACT's as an emergency pick up or whether it is by special arrangements with the Director. 

Another area of concern, related to the child's welfare, is the matter of telephone.

  • The telephone is used for emergency use only.


When a child has not been picked up and no parent contact has been received, the following steps will be taken:

  • The staff will try to contact the parent.

  • Persons listed as an Emergency contact in FACT's furnished by the parent will be contacted in order to locate someone who can pick up the child immediately. 

  • The Sacramento Police Department will be contacted if all efforts to arrange for a pick-up are unsuccessful. When the Police assume responsibility for a child, the child is taken to:
    The Children's Receiving Home
    3555 Auburn Boulevard
    Telephone: 482-2370 


Illness or Accident

  • Medication will not be administered unless a Medication Form authorizing the staff to assist the child in taking such medication is on file.

  • In cases, which appear to be of minor nature, First Aid will be administered on the premises.

  • In cases which appear serious, the Program Director will make an effort to carry out the instructions as given in FACT's.

  • Parents who do not wish their child treated in any way should indicate such on FACT's, and should give directions to be followed.

  • Parents will be expected to make provisions for taking sick children home. The Extension Program does not have facilities for transportation of children.

  • If the parent or guardian does not supply adequate emergency instructions, or if the instructions given can not be followed at the time of the emergency, the Program staff will act accordingly to their best judgement for the welfare of the child. 


Since this is a school age situation, it is assumed that all students are toilet trained and can take care of themselves. However, we all know that occasionally "accidents happen" when dealing with children. We do have a few sets of "emergency underwear", etc. at the center. If a child wets his clothes, he will be given a dry set to change into, and the wet items will be sent home.

  • If a child has a bowel movement in his clothes, the parent or guardian will be called to change him. The teachers will not be expected to clean the child.

  • Please return all "emergency clothes" after laundering.


Each day a homework period is scheduled in the lunch room, with one or more teachers/teacher aides available for tutorial help. It is the child's responsibility to acknowledge his/her assignment and then to use the resources available. The Extension Staff has no way of knowing what work, if any, has been assigned to which students. 


  • If you know in advance that a child will be absent from the center for any amount of time, please notify the Director in writing. 

  • If a parent takes a child from the school for any reason, the Extension program should be notified that day. 

Toys From Home

It is requested that children not bring toys from home. Often these items are very personal and important, so the child feels they must be defended and protected. This is not consistent with the "sharing" atmosphere encouraged in our large family atmosphere. If a personal toy becomes a problem source, it will be confiscated until the child leaves for home. If this problem persists, the toy will be confiscated until the end of the month. 


Extension Program services to the family and/or an individual child may be terminated by the Director, after consultation with the school principal. Such cancellation of services will be given with one week's written notice, and for the following causes: 

  • Abuse of the Extension Center hours (chronic late pick-ups), 

  • Non-payment of the Extension Program fees, 

  • Failure of the parent/guardian or child to respect the safety and rights of other individuals in the Extension Program.

Expectations for Children's Behavior

As members of a Christian and caring community, the children will be expected to respect the staff, each other, and the materials and environment provided. They must never leave the building or grounds without explicit permission of the staff of the Extension Program. Such permission will only be granted by order of the parent or guardian.

Policy: What is an Extension Program?

An Extension Program is before and after school care for regularly enrolled children who are in Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade. It is staffed by school personnel, serves only the children enrolled at the school and can only be offered on days school is in session. (This does include minimum days.) 

The Extension Program is not open on the last day before Christmas Vacation and the last day of school.

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