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Uniform Guidelines

The St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School dress code is meant to reflect the values, principles, and traditions of our school. Both faculty and students have designed this dress code to nurture the school environment with regard all genders, ages, and aspects of the uniform. Students must maintain a neat, clean, responsible, and respectful appearance. 

If any aspects of the St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School uniform are not worn respectfully by any student, administration and the student’s parents will discuss these issues with the student in a private meeting. 

All students enrolled in St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School must wear the entire uniform as  described below unless there is an emergency or they have a free dress day. If your child must be out of  uniform, please send a note explaining the situation. All school uniforms are available for purchase at  DENNIS, 10266 Rockingham Dr, Suite 150 Sacramento, CA 95827 or online at (school code: USTFRA). PE Uniforms are available year round through Athletics  Unlimited. Twill pants or shorts and white or gray uniform shirts may also be purchased elsewhere.  The school cannot anticipate every fashion trend that may develop and therefore reserves the right to  make judgments regarding the application of these general guidelines to specific items at any time. 

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School Plaid

While on campus, all students are expected to adhere to the Dress Code in accordance with the following guidelines:

Uniform Guidelines
Uniform Guidelines
Uniform Guidelines
Uniform Guidelines


The following rules will be enforced regarding free dress: 

1. Modesty and simplicity are guiding principles for free dress. 

2. Interpretation of appropriate dress will be left up to the faculty of the school. 

3. Clothing must not interfere with instruction or other activities. 

4. Clothing must be clean and modest. No halter-tops, spaghetti straps, or tank tops; any sleeveless shirt must be at least three inches wide across the shoulder. 

5. Clothing may not have markings, questionable pictures, drawings, symbols, or advertising on it (i.e., alcohol, cigarette, or drug endorsements, words which are racial slurs, sexual comments, intolerant words or comments of any kind).  

6. Clothing may not be ripped or torn. 

7. Shirts, blouses or tops must be worn at all times and must completely cover the chest area. Bare midriffs are not allowed and must fit appropriately.

8. Flat, closed shoes are the only shoes acceptable; Socks must be worn. (In the case of a special event, specific instructions will be given). 

9. Shorts or skirts must not be too short. This clothing may be considered inappropriate if they are shorter than the tip of the longest finger when the arms are fully extended down the side of the student’s body. 

10. Jeans in good repair (with no holes, intentional or otherwise) will be acceptable for casual “free dress” (not on “dress up” days or addressing the student body at Mass). 

11. Pants of any kind must fit appropriately and be worn at the waist. 

12. Low, sagging pants are never permitted. 

13. Hats may not be worn in the school building, except on special occasions. 

14. Yoga style tight fitting pants or capri are never permitted. 

15.  Leggings and tights are not allowed to be worn alone.  If worn, they are acceptable with shorts, skirts, or pants.

Violators of the clothing rules will be asked to call their parents who will be asked to bring them appropriate clothing. If students violate Free Dress repeatedly, further disciplinary consequences will be taken. Extension has their own rules for play clothes after school. Please note their handbook or check with Mrs. Sanchez (the Extension Director) if you have a question about clothing being appropriate. 



We encourage parents to recycle their children’s uniforms. After your child has outgrown them, bring clean uniforms to the Uniform Exchange Cabinet. Parents are welcome to take whatever uniforms they need. Uniform Exchange is located on the 1st Floor outside of the cafeteria in between Performing Arts Room and Extension.  

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