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Business Team

Catholic School

Advisory Council (CSAC)

Vision Statement

The CSAC aspires to become a credible and effective forum for an engaged school and parish community working collaboratively to achieve excellence at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School.

Virtual CSAC
Team Meeting

Mission Statement

Guided by Franciscan values, the CSAC advises the pastor and school principal of opportunities and goals regarding:

  • Planning

  • Policy development 

  • Finances 

  • Facilities management 

  • Marketing and development

These opportunities and goals strengthen the faith formation, educational programs, and environment for students, and in fulfillment of this mission, the SAC will reinforce the partnership which exists between the parents, school, and parish.

Guiding Principles

  • CSAC will keep the academic and spiritual welfare of the students uppermost in decisions and endeavors.

  • Advice and recommendations will be deliberated fairly, thoroughly and enthusiastically, and foster an environment of trust. 

  • The conduct, activities, and communication with the CSAC will be collaborative, inclusive, open, welcoming, and transparent for parents, faculty, staff, and the parish. 

  • Issues, concerns, and matters before the CSAC will be handled effectively and timely, and will receive appropriate follow-through to ensure resolution is achieved.

  • The CSAC members will act and represent themselves professionally and hold confidential matters that are sensitive. 

  • Commissioners will strive to be leaders in the school and parish community and model positively the CSAC mission, Franciscan values, and the tenets of the Catholic faith. 

  • Proceedings will be conducted enthusiastically and foster a spirit of faith, camaraderie, community, and fun.

CSAC Bylaws   

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