In-session group tours at SFE are being scheduled for October through to February. Please sign up through the links below. In-session tours are for adults only and all attendees must wear a mask. Take a look at our school in this 360 degree tour below. You can also enjoy the tour in VR mode on a VR headset. Click on the headset symbol in the menu at the bottom of the tour screen. Make sure your phone is in horizontal mode. Please contact Abby Pereira our Director of Advancement at for more information on individual tours

General tours are for anybody interested in grades TK through to 8th grade. They involve a tour of the entire school with information regarding the school, classes, parent life, student life and extra-curricular. These tours are for adults only and all attendees must be masked throughout the tour.  

SFE In-person Tour 

If you are particularly interested in Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten, then the sneak peek is for you! Sign up for a sneak peek and find out all of the inside information regarding these grades directly from the TK and Kinder teachers. These tours are for adults only and all attendees must be masked throughout the tour.  

SFE TK/Kinder Sneak Peek

General School and Grade information Sheets
(Please click on the spots to access each PDF)

360 Degree Tour and VR Tour

"SFE provides a rich environment that promotes the emotional, spiritual, physical, and academic growth of each child. However, it is the school community that differentiates SFE from other elementary schools. Teachers provide instruction with an open heart and mind; they are attuned to the unique needs of each child and proactively engage parents throughout the academic year. The curriculum is exceptional and challenges students to be creative thinkers, problem-solvers, and helps to develop service-leadership skills. Children feel safe, loved and believe that they are seen as unique individuals within the community. Parents are treated as equal partners in their child's education and are provided with countless opportunities to engage with the school community throughout the year", Marcella (3rd Grade and 5th Grade Parent)

Open House 2021

Individual Videos from our teachers.