Uniforms and General Appearance

School uniforms promote unity, modesty, and neatness. They should in no way be worn or altered to make a fashion statement. Our uniforms prevent unnecessary fashion competition.



  • Students must be in uniform starting the first day of school.
  • Students should also practice proper hygiene daily.
  • Uniforms must fit appropriately and modestly. NO “tight-fitting” clothing.
  • Skirt, jumper, skort or short length may not be shorter than 3” (inches) from the top of the knee (repeat violations of skirt length may result in a requirement to wear pants instead of a skirt, jumper or skort).
  • During to and from school and recess periods, non-St. Francis jackets or coats may be worn in addition to the uniform attire.

While on campus, all students are expected to adhere to the Dress Code in accordance with the following guidelines:

ItemDescriptionNot Permitted


  • White or gray short or long sleeve polo or blouse.
  • Shirts must be tucked in when in the school building or in Church.
  • St. Francis Spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays.
  • Solid white undershirts only (optional).
7th & 8th Grade – Burgundy shirt may be worn.
  • Un-tucked shirts
  • Holes
  • Designer logos


  • Navy blue twill pants only.
  • Must be worn at waist with belt (grades 4 – 8)
  • Denim
  • Cargo
  • Yoga style pants
  • Holes


  • Navy blue twill shorts only.
  • Must be worn at waist with belt (grades 4 – 8)


  • Denim
  • Cargo
  • Holes
  • Shorter than 3” above the knee.

Jumpers or Skorts

School plaid (grades TK – 3)NO shorter than 3” above the knee.

Skirts or Skorts

School plaid (grades 4 – 8)NO shorter than 3” above the knee.


  • School navy sweatshirt with school crest. May be worn at all times.
  • St. Francis club sweatshirts may be worn with principal’s approval.
  • 7th & 8th Grade – Jr. High sweatshirts may be worn.
  • 8th Grade – High School sweatshirt may be worn after Easter break.
NO Non-SF sweatshirts 

Sweaters / Vest

School navy with or without crest (optional) 


Brown, black or blue belt (grades 4 – 8) 


  • Must be solid colors of white, navy, black or gray.
  • Must at least cover the anklebone and be visible.
  • Small company logo is permitted (i.e. Small Nike “swoosh”, small Vans text, etc.)
  • Full-length tights or leggings with jumpers, skirts or skorts (leggings or tights that do not cover the entire foot must be worn with socks).


  • Striped, argyle, checkered, multi-colored or other patterned socks.
  • Socks with words.


  • Flat sole, closed and sturdy.
  • Must be low-top (nothing over the ankle).
  • Must be tied, Velcro fastened or buckle strapped.
  • Must remain tied at all times.
NO shoes that are:
  • Slip-on / Slippers of any kind
  • Boat shoes / Moccasins
  • Roller shoes
  • Boots, UGGs, High-tops


  • Simple jewelry
    • Wristwatch
    • One ring
    • Discreet gold or silver chain/necklace with religious cross or medal
    • One rubber bracelet promoting a positive cause.
  • Small and safe post earrings for girls (optional).
  • School is not responsible for lost jewelry


  • Hoops or dangling earrings
  • Pierced jewelry beyond one earring per ear
  • Flashy jewelry

Hair / Make-Up

  • Must be the student’s natural hair color
  • Boys’ hair should be collar length or shorter (above/at collar, above bottom of ear lobs and above eyes)
  • Modest sized hair ties, headbands or bows for girls may be worn (optional).
  • Boys must be clean shaven
  • Baseball caps worn in the traditional manner on the playground during recess.
  • Clear nail polish is acceptable.


  • Distracting hairstyles or facial hair
  • Mohawks or shaved designs
  • Dyed or highlighted hair
  • Make-Up

PE Uniform

  • School PE uniforms are to be worn on class PE days (except for Mass or when class leading Prayer Service).
  • Gray PE shirt with Navy shorts or sweatpants.
  • Any St. Francis spirit shirt on Fridays only.
  • Athletic, non-marking shoes must be worn.
  • PE shirts may be worn un-tucked.

Mass / Formal Uniform

  • On Mass or other designated “Formal” days, students are to wear the Gray embroidered polo.
  • Navy sweater, vest or cardigan may be worn.
  • School sweatshirt with crest may be worn.

7th & 8th Grade – Burgundy embroidered polo & Jr. High sweatshirt may be worn.


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