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Sr. Claire Graham, an alumna of St. Francis, had a single saying that sums up everything that St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School embodies… “No matter the questions, the answer is always Love!”

This simple statement, an extension of our patron St. Francis, is the essence of our school. One of trust. One of faith. One of compassion. One of belonging. One of love. We try, to the best of our ability, to live this way of life with our students, parents, families, and community in all we do.

Belonging is what makes everything we do work. When students feel they belong, they are engaged, they learn, they take care of each other, and they thrive. When families feel they belong, they trust in what happens at school, they feel their children are safe, and they are part of a community that watches out for one another.

St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School is a community, first and foremost. A community in which everyone belongs regardless of background. Our goal is to set young people into the world who take care of others first, have deepened their own faith journey, work as hard as possible at all times, tackle challenges, contribute to the world around them, and most importantly, LOVE!

Welcome to St. Francis!

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