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Education at the elementary level is the foundation on which future education is built.

Renaissance Learning’s STAR assessments and the ACT Aspire (Grades 3-8) are exam tools that empower teachers to personalize instruction and move a student toward meeting or exceeding diocesan learning standards.

Administered every 9 weeks, STAR assessments provide the most valid, reliable and actionable data, which allows for targeted instruction. ACT Aspire, a summative standards exam administered in April, connects student growth from grades 3 – 8, identifying student pathways to high school and ultimately college and career readiness.

The integration of these testing methods, in addition to constant communication and collaboration amongst the teaching staff, translates into an outstanding spiritual and academic curriculum evidenced by the scores of St. Francis of Assisi students which remain consistantly well above both diocesan and national standards. Graduates of St. Francis of Assisi leave our school devout, well-rounded individuals, amply prepared for the challenges of high school and college.

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